NTS is a testing organization established in 2002. NTS is conducting tests on behalf of universities and organizations for admissions and job purpose. Passing the NTS is not that hard if you studied well then you can easily pass it. Here we are sharing some tips and guide for students who are applying for NTS Jobs.


Tip #1:


Studying on the last day is wrong approach. You have to set the timetable and study according to it. Manage the time properly by subject wise.


Tip #2:


For the preparation of NTS you need to gather information not only from books but you should also have general knowledge information. There are two books for general knowledge who is who and what is what. Also keep any eye on current affairs for general knowledge. Try to get max marks in general knowledge part.


Tip #3:

Most of the students don’t take proper rest and sleep which causes the less productivity. Before the test you should take proper sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep your brain will not work properly.


Tip #4


The most important tip is to pray to Almighty Allah for your fate. Believe in Allah and yourself. With proper studying and pray you will have the more confidence and good attitude in test.


Tip #5


If you don’t have any idea about the NTS test and it’s your first time then I highly recommend you to find the past papers and solve them. It will help you to get an idea of paper pattern. Try to solve as many past papers as you can.


Tip #6


On test day solve the question first that you know correctly to save the time. There are only two hours and you have to do the all paper in this time period. Don’t waste the time on the questions that you don’t know.