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If you need to recognise what humans are speakme about proper now around the sector then Twitter is probably the exceptional vicinity to go. Twitter’s trending set of rules identifies the most mentioned subjects at the micro-running a blog platform or even presentations the top tendencies by place.

Twordly is a Google Map which indicates what’s trending on Twitter round the arena.

The application permits the consumer to view what is presently trending in specific international locations and even lets you drill down and view trending topics at town degree. If the person clicks on a map marker an information marker opens displaying the cutting-edge pinnacle traits at that region. Select a fashion at the map and you may then view that hashtag on Twitter.

TwitTRENDS additionally lets in users to view local top traits on Twitter with a bit assist from Google Maps.

To use the software customers can click on tt listesi anywhere within the global on a Google Map. A listing of the nearest locations close by which might be available as geo-positioned ‘Trends’ is then loaded beneath the map.

If you click on on one of the cities indexed you may view the pinnacle developments on Twitter for that place. Click on one of the tendencies and you may view the modern-day Twitter messages about that trend.

Trendsmap might be the best map of Twitter traits. The map shows latest developments on Twitter stay on a Google Map for any vicinity that you pick out.

Move the map and zoom in on any place and the Twitter tendencies shown at the map will replace in actual-time. The map is live, so if you go away the map zoomed in on one vicinity you can see the tendencies growing and changing at the map over time.

When you click on a fashion you may see the Tweets updating in the traits window. For each trend clicked on it is also feasible to review a trend graph so that you can see the peaks and troughs of that fashion over the years, both domestically and globally. Pictures that have been posted approximately that trend will also appear within the window.

FreeCell Solitaire is a really addictive solitaire card sport invented by using Paul Alfille. It is a laugh and really talent-established. Nearly every game of FreeCell Solitaire can be received with ideal play. Only numerous FreeCell shuffles are recognized to be unsolvable. This makes FreeCell card game a lot extra thrilling and famous than solitaire variations like Klondike, where luck is a massive component in the sport. With FreeCell, prevailing relies upon mostly on ability.

You have a higher threat of triumphing if you plan your approach cautiously. Below you will find a few simple rules that permit you to to win FreeCell on greater normal basis.

1. Examine the tableau carefully earlier than making any moves. It android oyun club is very critical to plot several actions ahead. The obvious movements aren’t usually the excellent.

2. Make it a priority to unfastened up all of the Aces and Deuces, especially if they may be deeply buried behind the higher playing cards. Move them to the house cells as early as viable.

3. Try to maintain as many unfastened cells empty as viable. Be cautious! Once all loose cells are stuffed, you have got nearly no space to maneuver. And your capacity to maneuver is the key to this sport. Make positive you don’t have any opportunity earlier than placing any cards in the unfastened cells.

4. Try to create an empty column as soon as viable. Empty columns are extra vital than unfastened cells. Each empty column may be used to store a whole collection rather than a single card. And it doubles the length of an ordered series of cards that may be moved from one tableau to every other. (If the long collection flow entails both empty tableaus and free cells, it is often referred to as supermove.)

five. If it’s miles possible, fill an empty column with a long descending series that starts with a King.

6. Do not to transport cards to the homecells too speedy. You may also want those playing cards later to maneuver lower playing cards of other suits.

Some FreeCell Solitaire deals are solvable in no time, even as others take greater time to solve. Replaying the identical shuffles in a number of exceptional approaches will allow completing the most tough ones. The extra you play the more games you’re able to complete. Continue to exercise the usage of the approach above and soon you’ll locate your self reaching higher consequences and improving your enjoyment of gambling FreeCell Solitaire.


Do you know what the real estate agent does to overcome the post-vacation depression? Day by day is no stranger to her. Caused by the return to work, either in September or during any other holiday period of the year.

However, there are some actions and activities that can help you overcome this phase that is repeated annually, and during which it is very common to show symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, insomnia or problems sleeping early in the night and neglect, or which is the same, an uncontrollable desire to do nothing but hold a towel on your left arm and a very cool beer on the right …

Although everything is really a matter of will, there are professions in which this quality is more than necessary in most cases, as is the case in the real estate sector, and is not always easy to obtain. For this reason, from Park View City islamabad we offer you some tips to overcome the post-holiday depression of the real estate agent that, at least in us, works:

What does the real estate agent do to overcome depression

·         Don’t go back to the routine

It is best that you plan the return, and do not try to perform all the activities of your life both professionally and personally as soon as you cross the threshold of the door of your house. Some small actions like eating or dining out instead of cooking, allowing yourself a good massage … The goal is that on the way back you have some project that you expect with some enthusiasm. Yes, it won’t be the swimsuit or that summer terrace that you love so much, but it can help you get into your routine with the right foot.

Our advice:

Planning a good weekend nearby, as a “mini vacation” can be the key to recover your motivation.

·         Beware of that beast called email!

If during the year the amount of emails we receive can plunge us into a state of permanent post-holiday stress if this activity is not carried out wisely, imagine the ravages it can do when you return from your vacation.

Our advice:

Do not try to read all pending emails on your first day of work. Organize them according to your urgency and plan between 15 and 20 minutes a day to read them during the following week.

·         Get calmly … But without pause

As in the previous two sections, our advice is based on slowly incorporating you to your usual tasks, we must also warn that the other extreme is, if possible, worse than the post-holiday depression itself. Slowing down your real estate activities too much can increase that lack of talk we talked about at the beginning and extend that period of low motivation.

Our advice:

How to organize your real estate tasks such as organizing plots for sale in islamabad when you return from vacation? Sort your activities by priorities and distribute them during the week, but fulfilling all your obligations.

·         Modify some of your routine

Did you usually do paperwork on Tuesdays and Thursdays and deal with customers the rest of the days? Do it now in another way. This is just an example, but you are sure to find something in your daily work routine that you can change for another activity, or simply, modify by day to make it more bearable.

·         Plan your next trip … Get excited!

And here we no longer talk about the “mini vacation” weekend, but about that visit to Thailand that you always wanted to do and that you are looking forward to start organizing… Maintaining an illusion in a future plan will make the post-holiday depression of the real estate agent Be much more bearable.

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Most useful Time to purchase Appliances Many consumers usually wonder whenever may be the time that is right purchase certain appliances for their homes. Then perhaps the following article can help you find the… Share When is the Best Time of the Year to Buy Appliances Consumers are always in a tizz as to when a new appliance should be purchased if you’re looking to make an addition to your home, a mechanical addition. Read the Buzzle article for a few helpful tips which will save you money, and grab a deal that is good. Share Appliance Paint Sometimes you are tempted to replace appliances that are old simply because they’ve developed scratches plus don’t look since nice anymore. Some coats of paint can help hide these scratches making your device feel fresh. This article… Share just how to save cash When Purchasing appliances for the home we buy, we would sure like to save some bucks if possible though we may not compromise on the quality of the home appliances that. This article gives you a pointers that are few tell you how you can rope into the most useful devices off the… Share just how to Clean an Iron Ever noticed, that over a period of time your clothes are not as crisp when ironed, as they used to be? One reason might be that the gear was not cleaned in a long time. Share Top 9 Appliances for College Students College life is largely consumed by classes, assignments, homework, internships, friends, and parties. Amidst all this, there is hardly any time to plan a diet and religiously follow it. Nevertheless, simply having a couple of devices around… Share facts to consider Before Buying an Evaporative Cooler If you live in a humid area, then perhaps an evaporative cooler won’t be the correct option for you. Let’s find out a few more things you would need to consider before buying an evaporative cooler. Share Alternative Uses of Household Appliances There are a few household items which can be utilized for other things. Simply take the exemplory case of baking soft drink that has numerous different uses, so also are plastic bottles, egg cartons, etc. However, do we know of alternative uses of… Share How to Shop for Appliances Appliance shopping is another boring homeowner chore, with the additional ‘attraction’ of costing lots of money. Plan ahead, do a homework that is little and be patient – it is possible to score some great deals if you know the right way to… Share How to Choose an Appliance Repair Service Sometimes, appliance repair service personnel take their own sweet time to respond to clients. This becomes a stressing experience, especially if the malfunctioning appliance is an important one. To avoid such problems, read the… Share How do Hand lg wt7500cw review Work You must have used hand dryers installed in washrooms at public places. Ever wondered how they work? Go through this post to know about it. Share ps that is useful to a Steam Iron With so many models boasting different features, selecting a steam iron that serves your purpose are tricky. Here are some tips which will help you pick the steam iron that is right. Take a look! Share Replacing Appliances Can Save You Money New appliances are expensive, but so are old ones that use way water that is too much electricity. By planning your big solution purchases in advance being methodically proactive about replacements, it is possible to lessen your financial… Share Best Steam Irons seeking good steam iron can be tough business, where we have managed to get easier for you personally by compiling a list of some of the steam irons that are best in the market. Share How does a Dyson Fan Work Have you any basic concept of just how a Dyson fan works? The next article will take care of some information linked to the Dyson bladeless fan, how it functions, too as cover some brief reviews about that innovative invention. Share Along Associated Lines

If this is your case, today we will discuss some tips on how to take advantage of all this information for your benefit, regardless of the size of your organization. And it is not science fiction.

Until relatively recently, no importance was attached to the collection of customer data. They simply accumulated in real estate databases, without all that material having a clear destination outside the annual sales summaries.

Why use real estate big data and what is it for?

The first thing to consider is that today almost everything generates data. When you browse the web, operate with your online bank or make e-commerce purchases, relevant information is generated. All that amount of information is called Big Data.

Knowing how to transform that data into knowledge that helps make decisions about your real estate agency is the subject of a discipline that came to light in the 1990s.

Wal-Mart supermarkets were the pioneers in the creation of data storage centers at the end of that decade and one of the largest in the world today. From this decision important strategies have been derived that have led University Town Islamabad to know what to sell and to whom to sell it and to enter millions along the way.

To give you an idea of ​​the scope of what Big Data has meant for companies, pay attention to the case of T Mobile. This American telephone company collected data from its customer service and complaints on social networks. Then they were able to assign a value to each client based on expectations and create personalized offers. With this strategy they managed to reduce the change of company by 50%, a total success considering that portability is one of the main problems for telephone companies.

In a very different area, New York City is a pioneer in a crime detection program based on data analysis. It allows to predict with enough reliability what moments and under what circumstances there are more chances of a crime being committed, such as during summer times or when major events are held in the city, such as fashion week.

Apart from these applications to various areas of our society, Big Data is not without controversy. The Orwellian experiment carried out by the North American company Nordstrom, which offered smartphones to those who allowed the collection of user data, is known. In addition, and using the security cameras of the shopping center where the program was carried out, traffic flows, type and quantity of purchases, money spent, etc. were analyzed.

Although this experiment did not collect personal data from users at any time, it was very disappointed by public opinion until its closure eight months later. It goes without saying that companies such as Amazon do exactly the same with users who access their website, but on the network it is considered that anonymity is guaranteed.

Although you may not be able to afford the necessary infrastructure to analyze all this data, there are some simple tasks you can do if you have a good real estate website on house for rent in Rawalpindi .

How to use Big Data in a real estate?

Although on the internet we often find the definition of Big Data  as a huge amount of data that cannot be analyzed without sophisticated tools, in the real estate sector data is not usually generated at those levels.

The question would be more about how to get a picture of the consumer as a whole. Or what is the same, knowing who buys what, where, why and how. Only in this way can we advance decisions that will save time and money in our sector.

But Big Data for a real estate is not just data collection. It is, above all, analysis of them. Hence, concepts such as predictive analysis based on anticipating competition with the identification of potential business opportunities have emerged .

To give you an idea, an analysis of this type could locate and identify the houses and the owners who would be willing to sell, in order to get ahead of the competition.

Real Estate Big Data Applications

There are numerous online tools that can help you visualize all this data so that decision making is easier for you.

Data hero

This data visualization web application has the ability to connect to a multitude of services, such as the client management applications (CRM) that you use every day in your work. In total, it has 26 integrations, covering services related to sales, marketing, ecommerce and many more.

Once you sign up, you can start collecting data that allows you to see at a glance where you are losing money, which commercial works best or which Adwords campaigns are giving results.

You have a wide range of prices available, it depends on the package you hire, since Data Hero offers marketing, sales, ecommerce services, even for digital agencies and companies in the financial sector.

Third b

It goes without saying that there are already applications that exploit this data collection to offer it to the final consumer or to the professionals of the sector that need it in the development of their activity.

This is the case of Tercero B, a company owned by Idealista, the number one real estate portal in our country. This website collects information from numerous databases, such as cadastre and Ministry of Finance data.

With this information, Third B prepares property valuation reports, with varying degrees of reliability, and makes them available to individuals and professionals.

To use it, you just have to register on the web and you will be able to access data on all the properties of the Spanish territory. If you are a professional, you can identify yourself as such and access complete reports with sales, rental, surface, etc. In addition, you will have access to information on the services of the area and an analysis of the environment in a very complete graph that will allow you to offer first-class information to your clients.

To give you an idea of ​​the scope of real estate Big Data when it comes to helping us visualize data that we would otherwise be unable to process. You can see a graph of the data of a randomly chosen area of ​​schools, green areas, shops and other services. At a glance you can compare different properties and deduce the one that best fits your client’s profile.

Awesome, right?

The services for professionals are offered by the Commercial Department of Sky Marketing and you should contact them to know the price plans or click here.

Big Data in the real estate sector: Twiddy’s success story

Like many other companies in the sector, Twiddy real estate had accumulated years of data from operations without any practical use. Focused on vacation rentals, for this American company the weekly price recommendations are part of its commercial success. That’s why Big data in real estate is so important.

From their marketing department they decided to implement a real estate Big Data strategy of customers, suppliers and collaborators. Thus, the company was able to optimize its recommendations, crossing its own data with those of the real estate market, trends, seasons and characteristics of the properties.

Thanks to this strategy, Twiddy has been able to increase inventory by 10% in a market with a downward trend, in addition to picking up turnover.

In addition, as far as internal operation is concerned, real estate Big Data has also benefited this company. The analysis has allowed them to locate errors in billing processes and service planning. In total, in the last two years, they have achieved savings of $ 50,000.

CRM for customer data management

If your real estate belongs to one of the large real estate franchises, you will be familiar with the client management programs or CRM. If this is not the case, there are simple tools that can help you manage the main tasks related to customers.

There are very cheap and even free basic applications such as:

Karma CRM

This simple online tool will allow you to follow your relationships with customers and contacts. You can create offers, submit proposals and measure the results of your marketing campaigns. It is indicated for small companies that want to start handling customer data without a large outlay.

Zoho CRM

As a novelty, which is completely online and free. You will only need a device connected to the internet to manage everything related to your business process, from sending proposals, invoices, marketing and customer service.

Data analysis in your marketing actions

Real estate Big Data does not have to need expensive applications, you can also analyze data from your marketing actions such as:

  • If you have a presence in social networks for real estate, Facebook offers very detailed reports on user activity. If you access the statistics page of this social network, you will know exactly what they prefer, the most successful formats and the busiest hours. In this way you can optimize your investment in the social network.
  • Your real estate website is also a huge source of details about the behavior of your users. If you don’t have Google Analytics installed yet, it will be very useful. If you find it difficult to deal with these facilities, you can find a professional to advise you.
  • Finally, remember that the real estate marketing actions that you put into motion will also generate interesting data that you should not neglect. We recommend that you keep track of business contacts. If possible, find out how they got to you, in order to establish a correct attribution to each channel.
    For example, you can divide this spreadsheet into channels (social networks, web, business contacts, etc.) and then assign actions on each channel (such as email, local advertising, Adwords campaigns, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) so you know Where does each client come from? When you analyze this data, it will be easy for you to see which actions and which channels are generating the highest return on investment and you can make decisions accordingly.

Sell ​​the Zone First and then your Real Estate Product.

The real estate branding is a concept that few developers such as developers of Park View City Islamabad apply in their promotional activities; and those who apply it ignore the fundamentals of branding to sell new housing.

From the developer’s point of view, real estate branding  means that to sell the properties of a new residential complex, you must first sell the place where that residential complex is located. The real estate branding does not mean promoting (only), the name of the property developer to build credibility and trust.

To sell a real estate project or a residential complex abroad, to attract investors, you must first sell the area, then the real estate product and finally the company. In this order.

Moreover, if a promoter is selling abroad, he does not only have to sell the area; but also your country before you can sell your real estate product. A flag of your country and / or region as a branding tool has a greater influence on the perception of the buyer, than many of the data that the promoter can provide about their professionalism and honesty.

“Those of us who have attended many real estate fairs abroad, we have this very, very clear concept. For this reason, we always sell the benefits of the area first to capture the potential buyer; then we focus on selling the real estate product with benefits related to that area and finally we use real estate branding to end up gaining customer trust. “

Using Real Estate Branding to Influence.

Basically, real estate branding consists of establishing certain particular characteristics of each region or country and implementing certain commercial strategies to make them known in a positive way to potential buyers.

If the client is not attracted to the area or has heard something negative about the area, (whether true or not), it is of no use that your apartments or villa you sell are the best in the market or the company has an established reputation.

A mistake made by some promoters is to prepare their marketing and sales strategy without taking this factor into account. They focus more on prices, payment conditions and the characteristics of the property such as views and close to something in particular, (the beach, the golf course, etc).

Another quite common mistake of the promoters is to think that a person who shows interest in buying a property in a certain area, will not change his opinion and end up buying in another. This is not true and I have experienced it personally.

Using smart real estate branding, you can influence that, for example, a person who wanted to buy in Puerto Vallarta, ends up shopping in Cancun. Or that I was interested in the coast of Malaga and ended up buying a villa in Alicante. The decision of the buyer can be influenced with the branding of the place. How?

Using a concept of real estate sales in your favor: the client knows what he DOES NOT want; But he doesn’t know what he wants. If you give the customer options using real estate branding techniques, there are chances that he will seriously consider your offer. On more than one occasion I have attended real estate fairs as a client being interested in an a Islamabad Property for a 2nd home; For example, on the coast of Alicante, he ends up buying his 2nd residence in Palma de Mallorca.

Potential buyers are influenced to buy in a certain place and not in another showing the benefits of the place from their point of view. A job that needs planning, knowing your potential client well and knowing how to show these benefits in your marketing campaign with images and text. Especially text.

The most attractive benefits for a potential buyer over a given area, (and this is already proven),  are: 1.- physical security of the place; 2.- the legal security of the place; 3.- the infrastructures of the place; and 4.- the proximity to something that is important to the buyer; For example, hospital, shopping center, beach, golf course, etc.

“Including all this in advertising is not an easy task. You need to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and know the product you sell well.  If you start selling price, square meters, rooms and views, you will have a difficult time . 

The Real Estate Branding. Improving Perception

Let’s forget the price and characteristics of the property for a moment. First you have to influence the perception that your potential customers may have about the area. Do not think that having requested information about your new promotion, your potential client already has a positive perception of your area.

Do not worry too much about the price. The client will always pay a little more if he feels safer living in that area. Shown!

However, the image of a country is not perceived equally in all countries. Each country has an already formed image of other regions and countries; Therefore, it will always be necessary to use several particularities and strategies of the same region or country to generate trust, interest and affection in different regions or countries. This is achieved with real estate branding.

The approach to selling a new promotion located in Alicante is different if you sell the promotion in the United Kingdom, than if you sell it in Germany or the Netherlands. I tell you from personal experience.

The perception, (wrong or not) , that you have of an area or country is an accumulation of factors : education, distance, idiosyncrasy, infrastructure, legal security, natural environment, economic situation … It should be taken into account that at the real estate level, Part of the sales work abroad is to modify or improve the branding of your region or country . For a promoter it is not enough with the work done by the national or regional government to create and maintain a positive perception of the area.

What you or the national or regional government do to promote the area, can be done with a negative comment that reaches your potential buyer.

If you exhibit at a real estate fair and a client interested in one of your properties arrives, you will realize that  many of the questions he asks you are about the area; No to the property itself. This is when you must apply the techniques of real estate branding.

Use real estate branding : (sale of the country – sale of the area – sale of the product – sale of the developer) , to improve the perception that your potential buyer has about your area; Never to change it. Never tell the potential buyer that you are wrong about your perception of the place, since for him / her your perception is reality.

Even ignoring the area already carries a certain perception . In this situation, try to be you who believes that positive perception in the mind of the potential client.

Real Estate Branding in Pure state.

Any comments made by your potential buyer about your area will always be true , because that is your current perception. In the presentation of your real estate product, focus on informing the potential client about the area, focusing on quality of life , physical security, legal security and convenience. Real estate branding in its purest form.

Once this stage of selling country + region or vice versa, begins to sell the benefits of your apartments, duplexes, chalets or villas to end up selling the honesty of the developer.

The honesty of a promoter is best perceived by the client, when payment conditions are easy, the purchase process is clear and fast, when real estate products with sustainable development are provided and when the developer demonstrates corporate social responsibility;  such as belonging to an NGO.

Forget about the years that the promoter has been in the market, of all the promotions that he has made “successfully”, how big his company is… to your potential client this matters very little.

Your potential client will only be interested in your new residential complex if you have convinced him by talking about your area. That is why the previous recruitment work to filter potential clients before attending a real estate fair is so important .

Sadly, most of the real estate promotional actions carried out online prior to a fair, are focused on 20% in the area and 80% on the promotion itself. Sometimes the credibility of the promoter is not sold. For this reason it takes to sell a new promotion outside the area both nationally and internationally.

I give you 2 examples of how real estate branding should be applied for a new promotion.

One of my clients is a promoter from Santa Marta, Colombia, who wanted to sell his new development at the Bogotá real estate fair last August . His focus was to first sell the benefits of Santa Marta and then sell the benefits of his apartment building 400 meters from the beach. At the fair I attract more than 20 potential clients ; while another developer with a beachfront building was not as successful, because it focused on the characteristics of the apartments and the proximity to the beach.

Not everyone in Bogotá knows well what can be done in Santa Marta and this was what helped my client sell more.

Another example is my client in Puerto Vallarta. A builder who, thanks to his promotion at the Texas real estate fair in the United States, first sold Mexico and then the Puerto Vallarta area, was able to compete with the Acapulco, Cancun and Veracruz areas in Mexico and with Punta Cana in Rep. Dominican

The result of their attendance at the Texas fair was the sale of almost 25% of their new promotion in the following 3 months. This kind of promotion applying real estate branding gets you to sell the new promotion indirectly. The potential client will make the connection: zone convenience – convenience your real estate product, by itself.

With this type of promotion you get a greater number of visitors to your stand. Many of them attracted thanks to the effective use of real estate branding. The real estate branding is not only the logo and corporate design promotional material of the promoter. Start by selling the country and the area.

We would be grateful if you would leave us a comment on this article. What has been your experience with real estate branding ? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.



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